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I've been working on a tool to help people explore ffmpeg filters in the browser. You can now use a simple node-based editor to compose complex filtergraphs. User testers wanted!


프로필로 버스터 키튼 이미지도 좋았는데, 콩떡 이미지도 푸짐해 보여서 좋다.ㅎㅎ 보다 정확히 말하면, 작은 대추색 밥상 위에 콩떡이 그릇 없이 놓인 게 우습게 보여서 좋다.

페이스북이나 인스타그램 프로필 이미지 바꾸는 건 괜히 어깨에 힘이 들어간다.ㅠㅠ

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self-efficacy, the feeling of being able to directly influence your environment, is so important in how you care for it and interact with it. and it reflects back on you, in a way

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“Are you fucking telling me that each adorable little ChatGPT interaction uses a half-liter of fresh water?” https://lithub.com/your-stupid-little-chatgpt-interactions-are-destroying-the-planet-stop

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From https://isc.sans.edu/diary/Geolocating+IPs+is+harder+than+you+think/29834

This is one reason why Google recently started using "google.com/maps" for its "Google Maps." Users will gladly give Google Maps access to their location. After all, the map needs to know where you are to give directions. But by using "google.com/maps" instead of "maps.google.com," all "google.com" properties now have access to the user's location after the user gave access to the location on google.com/maps.

어제 자기장으로 접속가능하다는 것을 경험한 뒤 오늘 종로3가역 5호선 이동통신중계탑에게 친숙함이 더 느껴졌다! 다시보니 상당한 존재감…

시청 근처 화단에 깔린 전선들

wires laid on the flowerbed near the city hall

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개인적으로는 ... 아마 인공지능 처리를 위한 서버 연대망이 fediverse 등의 방식으로 구현되면 좋을 것 같아요. 혼자서 운영하는 1인 서버에서 인공지능은 chatGPT 등의 성능에는 많이 못미치게 될 것으로 보이다보니.. 공동체적인 인공지능이 필요할듯.

이것은 중국에서 움직이는 새로운 AI 인데 오픈소스라는 것 같아요. 중국이 오픈소스 사업모델을 참 잘 활용해요 요즘..


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Adobe 프로그램 매달 사용료인 4만원을 매달 결제하기를 포기한 상황에, 두호 씨가 알려줬던 잉크스케이프Inkscape과 마스토돈에서 알게 된 김프GIMP로 각각 어도비 일러스트레이터와 어도비 포토샵을 대신해 잘 쓰고 있다.

어쩌면 난 생각보다 많은 기능이 필요하지 않은 사용자일지도...

이전에 어도비 인디자인 대신해서 LaTex를 써보려고 했는데 너무 어렵고 몇 기가바이트 용량이어서 사용하지는 않았다.

이 상태에서 다른 작업자들과 커뮤니케이션할 때 어떤 일이 벌어질지 궁금해졌다...!ㅎㅎ

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@benjaoming yes. I totally agree. I personally hav not much experiences sending emails from my servers.. but once I tried.. then found out that I have blocked by spamhaus. the reason was simple. dynamic ip. well.. i am running my server unregistered. but that doesn't mean that i did send any spam to any one. it even take away proper right to try out and learn to setup/manage a mailing server.

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If you run an email host, you probably know the issue: Even though your server NEVER sent out anything that was spam, it gets blocked immediately trying to send out legit emails.


To protect the monopoly of big tech email.

There's so many options to block spam, including AI! There's no reason that an email host that NEVER was reported for spam should be blocked by default. But it happens again and again.

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I start to know UNIX first in 2015. then I become know more about UNIX since I get to use Mac and iPhone. I could say that I’m an user of the UNIX as much as I know since the first time!

나와 UNIX의 첫 만남은 2015년에 이뤄졌다. 맥북과 아이폰을 접하며 내가 알지 못하는 UNIX를 더 알게 되었다. 난 처음 만났을 때부터 내가 아는만큼 UNIX를 사용하고 있다고 말할 수도 있겠다!

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On Friday, April 21st, @pixouls is leading a QTBIPOC zine-making workshop at Iffy Books! You can fill out a pre-workshop survey and/or register for the event on our site: https://iffybooks.net/event/raise-the-sun

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I believe that #retrocomputing is about more than nostalgia (which is fine on its own, too!).

I believe that it's also about a reaction to the truly sorry state of modern computing. Old computers didn't spy on you, they didn't beg you for micropayments, they just did what they were told. They were tools for work, for learning, for entertainment, not tools for the capitalists to control us even more than they already do.

I also believe that retrocomputing has a future; we are, as a community, more than smart enough to design and build our own new retro-inspired designs, and build for ourselves a computing world worth living in.

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Google and Microsoft together handle over 60% of the Top 1M domains' mails!

Many other domains use service provides such as Proofpoint, Barracuda Networks, or Cisco / IronPort, but those may of course only sit in front of Google and Microsoft's mail servers as well.

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"On this day, we will try to withhold from using, feeding, or caring for The Big Tech Cloud." In honor and support of Counter Cloud Action Day, here are my #optout tips on How to Get Off The Cloud.



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finally satisfied enough to release this new version of my website!

It is built with an attention to energy use, based on some principles outlined by Low-tech MAGAZINE in this article: https://solar.lowtechmagazine.com/2018/09/how-to-build-a-lowtech-website.html

Built with #eleventy #11ty, thumbnails & imges are dithered / compressed using sharp.
File size is calculated using a modified python script written by @rra for the solar website!
visit at https://verdeil.net/

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