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국제 여성의 날인 3월 8일

국제 트랜스★페미니스트 디지털 파닥내기 파업

을 지지합니다. 오늘 하루 어떤 행동을 할 수 있을지 함께 고민해보아요.

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@mara and I are doing a workshop on Queering Bash as part of the Sussex Humanitites Lab & Full Stack Feminism. It is free and you can register here:

//Queering Bash is a work-in-progress artistic/technical manual, focusing on learning code otherwise. This workshop will introduce the UNIX philosophy from a queer critical perspective, reimagining a human/computer relation that upsets the gendernormativity embedded in years of free software development. Bash is a command line interface and a scripting language developed in 1989 as a piece of free software for UNIX Systems (Linux and Mac OS but it has been also ported to Windows) and it is a very useful program for system administration, file management, generating reports and automating tasks. Bash was a replacement of two previous shells. Yet it has been ubiquitous in most of our world's servers and personal computers. [..] We are interested in subverting the prevailing norms of technology, namely efficiency, utility, and productivity within capitalistic logics, by coding otherwise.

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On 8th of March 2023, we call for a #CounterCloudActionDay.

On this day, we will try to withhold from using, feeding, or caring for #TheBigTechCloud. The strike calls for a hyperscaledown of extractive digital services, and for an abundance of collective organising.

We join the long historical tail of international feminist strikes, because we understand this fight to be about labour, care, anti-racism, queer life and trans★feminist techno-politics.

Join the #strike!

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Are you curious about Mastodon and the fediverse? Join us Saturday, February 11th at 1:00 p.m. for a hands-on workshop with @skyfaller, an admin and mod at Register here!

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Counter Cloud Strategies

"trans*feminist counter-cloud practices that reclaim the possibilities for organising collective life across scales, refusing the depletion from infinite upscaling."

A panel with Cristina Cochior, Maria Dada, Miriyam Aouragh, Femke Snelting
Friday 03/02 @ 18:00

#8M #transmediale #DeCloudify #Berlin @ccl

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Over coffee with @darius today:

The Activitypub / Fediverse / Mastodon network doesn't need to be bigger than Twitter or Facebook. It just has to be enough.

For me and increasingly more people right now, it's enough.

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그리고 편지를 쓰자

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Considering that many of you are new to, or have returned after a long time, here is a primer on our netiquette (aka the 1010 commandments :unacceptable: ):

0000) As we understand to be a community of communities, we have a ToS / CoC which you are expected to read, respect and uphold ( This covers how we talk to one another.

Because Mastodon is also understood by some people as a drop-in alternative to Twitter, such people will default to the same behaviour here as they had on any other mainstream commercial social media. For others though, including us, it is an opportunity for cultural workers to test and/or rethink what social media could be beyond a tool for posting mindless promotion.

So, while we welcome and understand that passively announcing new works/projects/lectures/etc is an important aspect of our activities, it should not be your primary activity here. Honestly, if you are truly looking for a Twitter-like stage from which you can grow an audience, then using a generic Mastodon instance is much more suited and you will be able to follow people here as well!

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