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AMRO24 – Dancing at the Crossroads
8th-11th May 2024, Linz (AT)

The Call for Participation to is online.

We are looking for experimental, critical approaches to the uses of technology; combining performative and artistic research methods; and works open for feedback and further development.

Formats: Lectures or Panels, Workshops, Artwork presentations & Showcases, Video works, Performances

DEADLINE: 23rd February 2024, 20:24 CET


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"Not another nickel, not another dime!" event this Wednesday 1/17 at 6:30pm at the Wooden Shoe.

Find out how to stop paying taxes for war and genocide.

Stephen Gulick, National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee counselor with 25 years of resistance experience, will be presenting info on how to stop paying for war & genocide through tax resistance, with a number of unique ways to participate. Anyone who currently pays federal income tax is encouraged to come learn and connect!

Free event. Masks required and provided.

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More than ever, we need networking protocols which are resilient, privacy preserving, bandwidth conserving, able to run on low-spec hardware, and not quite as preoccupied with being the global network for everyone ever.

We’re delighted to present Willow, a new family of peer-to-peer protocols that cater to just that niche. is a guide to those protocols, with full specifications, ~50 hand-drawn diagrams, illustrations, and comics, and much more besides.

Our thanks to @NGIZero for supporting this project!

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MS Kills 240,000,000 Computers

"Canalys analyst predicts that 👉 🔥 👉 240 million Windows 10 machines will end up in a landfill after the end-of-life date arrives. 👈 👈 👈 We already have a big issue with e-waste, and the report claims it's only going to get worse as people begin to throw out their old computers.
(Old means MS abandons)

MUST MUST MUST save those machines with Linux for schools, for give-away, for make up a reason . . . . DAMN

#climate #equality

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@hrrrr actually, it was very fortunate. because I could find old mini pc (2012 Intel NUC) second-hand.. in very cheap price, then I could reuse almost all components without big hassles. Re-used 16 GB ram + mSATA root partition SSD + actual real storage 2TB (miraculously saved from water) .. then.. actually the only changed config was MAC address. Not too bad after water literally poured like a shower! :P

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How to Build a Small Solar Power System - #lowtechmagazine just released an extensive, accessible, beginner friendly guide on solar system, small scale!

Happy to have contributed illlustrations, pictures and feedback to this new article. It will be a great base for upcoming workshops and prototypes.

#lowtech #solar #solarpunk #tutorial

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Palestine, Israel and war 

Daniel Levy was on BBC on October 11th with this interview. So much time has passed since and yet the world (especially the Western part) has stood by watching.

He appeared last week in a longer interview with Ash Sarkar about Israeli politics, "Former Israeli Advisor on Netanyahu, Qatar and Irreversible Damage In Gaza" - worth listening to!

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@alternativedaily 글쎄요. 잘 몰라요. 친구가 의 일환으로 진행한 워크숍에 참여하면서 만들어진 서버이고요. 마스토돈이긴한데.. 약간 변화를준 홈타운이라는 마스토돈이구요. 이에 대한 장단점이나 이유 같은 것들은 위에 링크에 자세히 나와요. 저자인 다리우스 카제미씨가 사실 홈타운 코드를 유지보수하는 사람이기도 해요.

@alternativedaily 제가 운영하고 있기는한데. 친구들도 몇몇 같이 들어와있어요. 약간 테스트 서버 같은 정도로 대충 운영되고 있죠 =)

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Born on this day, December 12:
Piet Van Kempen, Dutch cyclist (1898-1985) shown here having breakfast at a six-day event in 1936.
Happy #BicycleBirthday, Piet!

📷Derek Berwin

@rra Happy to read this. What is totally absurd here is how industry and capitalism drive the users into 'updates' and 'upgrades' by force. Many devices can still perform vigorously only if the other ecosystem does not reject and expel them from the circle. One can check out their usability 'measured' with linux systems, which is an ecosystem tend to keep those 'obsolete' inhabitants.

@rra well my question was about what to be the default, federated or not. but it seems no such preferece for now. thanks anyway! <3

I wish to set my toot by default 'local-only'.. (running a hometown instance)

I want to accomplish this per user preference.. but if it is only available per global/admin preference, I can also happy with it.

anyone have an idea where I can accomplish this? user pref. for default visibility exists. but none is for federation on/off.

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LIBRARIAN SWARM (Fuzzy Mirror Solidarity Network for Palestine)

Date: Sunday 10 December 2023
Time: 13:00 - 17:00 CET
Location: online and IRL
Registration: Required


Calling all amateur, professional, and aspiring librarians (or anyone who wants to help out)!

Librarian Swarm is a collective effort to turn a bibliography spreadsheet on Palestine into a free digital library for public self-education. This digital harvest will be hosted with open source software on several shadow libraries.

This Sunday, 10 December 2023, from 13—17 hrs, we need up to 20 volunteers to help gather and organise files and simple metadata.

If you’d like to contribute some of your weekend, see registration info below.

We look forward to swarming together.


++ A digital device (laptop, pad, phone) that connects to the internet
++ A working internet connection
++ Basic knowledge of spreadsheet software


Deadline: Saturday, 9 December, 18 hrs

Write an email to with a 200-words (or less) introduction of yourself including name, profession, affiliations or other relevant stuff you'd like to share, and your motivation for joining the swarm. If you have important digital or physical access needs, please state them as well.

Once we have considered your application, you will receive a response email with the online location and access info.


Organized by Varia and BAK Community Portal as a swarm of loosely organized affiliates in the Fuzzy Mirror Solidarity Network.

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Palestine, Israel and war 

Tomorrow, Dec 9th, marks the International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of this Crime.

Yet today, Dec 8th, the US stood alone to veto another call for ceasefire in the UN Security Council.

With their unwavering support for Israel's atrocities, the US is complicit in a genocide. Materially through their military aid and weapons exports and politically through their obstruction of international action.

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This is hilarious: a website that reads tech giants’ terms of service to soothe you to sleep

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