Small-host email servers aren't an impossible technical challenge.

The problem is that big tech spam filters and block lists prefer to block everything that isn't already a walled garden email host like Gmail, Outlook etc.

This is not net neutrality.

And LOTS of spam is sent out from walled gardens' services.

It's hypocrisy.

I propose that you have a primary email at a non-big tech host. People can contact you there and the walled gardens will have to learn.

If you run an email host, you probably know the issue: Even though your server NEVER sent out anything that was spam, it gets blocked immediately trying to send out legit emails.


To protect the monopoly of big tech email.

There's so many options to block spam, including AI! There's no reason that an email host that NEVER was reported for spam should be blocked by default. But it happens again and again.


@benjaoming yes. I totally agree. I personally hav not much experiences sending emails from my servers.. but once I tried.. then found out that I have blocked by spamhaus. the reason was simple. dynamic ip. well.. i am running my server unregistered. but that doesn't mean that i did send any spam to any one. it even take away proper right to try out and learn to setup/manage a mailing server.

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